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The name Steinway is synonymous with quality and excellence. No compromise is EVER made. Steinway Pianos are hand-crafted, following a tradition of integrity, innovation, and paramount craftsmanship that dates back to 1853.

Today, more than 98% of the world's active concert pianists choose Steinway Pianos for their performances - though they are not paid to do so. Some of the more famous Steinway Artists include Sergei Rachmaninoff, Anton Rubinstein, Igor Stravinsky, Vladimir Horowitz, Duke Ellington, Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Diana Krall, Billy Joel and Lang Lang.

"Steinway is the only piano on which the pianist can do everything he wants and everything he dreams." - Vladimir Ashkenazy

Steinway's are the standard by which all other pianos are judged. They boast more than 140 patents, including the diaphragmatic® soundboard, accelerated® action, and hexagrip® pin block, that result in the longest sustain, richest tone, and fastest action of any piano in the world.

Times change. Markets rise and fall. But for more than 150 years, every handmade Steinway piano has increased in value. Owning a Steinway is a rare opportunity to invest in beauty, craftsmanship, endurance, performance and joy! Steinway is something to treasure. Something to share with your family. Something that enriches your life everyday.

Meridian Music has the largest selection of new Steinway grand pianos in the state of Indiana. Our Steinway showroom features models from the smallest grand to the Model B Semi-concert Grand and gives our clients the opportunity to play a variety of pianos to find the instrument that meets their particular needs. Included in the showroom is a cut-away of a Steinway grand piano rim as well as many other examples of unique Steinway features.

Meridian music also displays reconditioned and rebuilt used Steinway grand pianos as well as recently gently used Steinway pianos.

Steinway Grands
Model S (5'1") Satin Ebony
Model M (5'7") Mahogany
Louis XV Grand (5'7") Walnut (also available in Rosewood)
Chippendale Grand (5'7") Mahogany (also available in Walnut)
Model O (5'10¾") Satin Ebony
Model A (6'2") Satin Ebony
B (6'10½") Satin Ebony
Model D (8'11¾") Satin Ebony
Macassar Ebony
East Indian Rosewood
Kewazinga Bubinga
Figured Sapele
Santos Rosewood

Steinway has six models in their New York line of grand pianos. From the Model S, suitable for a home or apartment where space is limited, to the Model D, the overwhelming choice of concert artists, performance venues and educational institutions world-wide, Steinway & Sons has a grand piano that is perfect for you.

  Steinway Verticals
Professional Model K-52 (52" upright) Satin Ebony (also available in Satin: Mahogany and Walnut)
Professional Model 1098 (46½" upright) Satin Ebony
Sheraton Model 4510 (45" studio) Satin Walnut (also available in Satin: Ebony and Mahogany)

With three sizes and nine various veneers to choose from, each vertical model imparts Steinway & Sons full characteristic tonal quality, touch, durability and stability of value.

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